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Roof Trusses

With trusses, there are less pieces to handle than with conventional framing, so you reduce costly on-site carpentry.

Trusses go up quickly; you save time. Buildings are closed in faster, resulting in less down time due to bad weather. Time saved is literally money earned. The faster in and out of a job, the less money you spend on interest.

Trusses come to the job when you need them. Waste and workmen errors are eliminated. With no waste, cleanup time is cut to a minimum. Trusses cut down on pilferage. It is easy to carry away a 16 foot length of 2 by 6, but who would carry off a 32 foot truss?

Clear span construction eliminates the need for interior bearing. No interior footings are necessary, and as interior walls are not load bearing, they can be lighter. The doubled top plate on interior walls can be reduced to a single. Clear span construction also gives you more design flexibility. The floor plan is not limited by where the bearing partitions must be located.

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Barrett Truss and Building Supplies is a proud supplier of the Trus-Joist line of Engineered Wood Products.

TJI® Joists
TJI® joists are developed to provide the strength and stability that your floor needs. These wood joists resist warping and shrinkage better than most competitor products, and they are easy to install, making them a contractor’s best friend. This product will save you time and money.

Parallam® PSL
Parallam® PSL products can be used for columns, headers and beams. The advantage to these products is that they can span longer distances while still providing substantial support. Their unique construction allows for years of proven performance.

TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) is one of the most innovative and versatile building products available. It is used to make solutions for applications such as rim board, headers, beams, columns, wall framing, sill plates and stair stringers.

Microllam® LVL
Microllam® LVL is a versatile solution that works great in applications all over the house from window openings to garage door headers. Microllam® headers and beams can be built up on-site to cut down on heavy lifting. Moreover, installation is quick with very little or no waste.

Simpson Strong-Tie®
Barrett Truss and Building Supplies is also a stocking dealer of the Simpson Strong-Tie® line of hardware.

Goodlam Glulam Beams
We also have access to Goodlam Glulam Beams and various other engineered wood products. Please contact us with your requirements.