With winds like Hurricane Juan, you want to feel confident in the performance of your roof. IKO Roofing brings long term durability and proven performance in all kinds of weather conditions. Barrett Truss and Building Supplies stocks a huge selection of IKO Roofing shingles and products that will make your roofing project a successful one.

IKO Roofing
IKO Roofing offers a huge selection of shingle styles, colours and products that will best fit your home, style and budget. IKO Roofing stands behind their products in terms of durability, quality and value. Their warranty is second to none in the industry, which will give you peace of mind when using IKO Roofing products.

To learn more about the broad choice of exceptional, high-performance shingles and wide selection of colours, please contact one of Barrett’s Sales Representatives or visit IKO Roofing.

ROOFviewer is a great interactive roof shingle selector tool. This tool will help guide you to choose a style and colour shingle that will suit you best. Please visit IKO ROOFviewer.

Steel Roofing
Barrett Truss and Building Supplies is a supplier of steel roofing products. An alternative look and style to asphalt shingles, metal roofing adds a new dimension to your roof. To learn more about steel roofing, please visit Duchesne or Vicwest.