Company History

Barrett Truss and Building Supplies has been a family owned and operated business for over 80 years. Harold Barrett, the original owner, bought the water-powered lumber and lath mill in 1926. Harold ran a successful mill for the better part of his life. His three sons, David, Hugh and Keith, joined the company and helped to grow the business. Through their contributions, the sawmill improved its production, a planer mill was constructed as well as a roof truss plant. In 1982, Harold passed away, leaving his business to his three sons.

By 1988, Barrett Truss and Building Supplies started offering building supplies to its customers. From there, the business continued to grow and soon offered a wide variety of building supply products, roof trusses and engineered wood products along with reliable delivery service, accurate estimates and superior service. Keith, David and Hugh are currently involved in the successful operation of Barrett Truss and Building Supplies.